2019 Rules and Points Strucure

2019 Pacific Northwest Spec Miata Championship Tour. Presented by

 Wyatt Fire Protection, Washington Car Property, Trackside Motorsports, SMI Metals Inc.,

MML Diagnostic Packaging Inc., MIdas, MiataCage, Loynings Engine Service, Gesundheit Foods,

Fast Specialties, Eric Jones Motorspots LLC, Casabella Granite and Marble,

Blairco Heating and Air Conditioning, Advantage Collision Centers.

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Championship Rules

1. Points will be awarded for finishing positions as follows:  1st place 20 points, 2nd place 19 points, 3rd 18, etc. through 10th position. All finishers from 10th place on are awarded 10 points. No points are awarded associated with qualifying.

2. The points total for the 11 highest race points will decide the championship.                       

3. Championship trophies will be awarded to the winners at an informal banquet event after the last tour event.


4  Each competitor that enters six or seven of our events (weekends) is limited to a maximum of five sets of dry tires for all timed sessions (qualifying and races).  Any competitor that enters five or less events (weekends) is limited to a maximum of four sets of dry tires for all timed sessions (qualifying and races). Any tires can be used for practice sessions. The number of sets of rain tires is unspecified.

5. Eligible dry tires are Toyo RA-1, RR and Hoosier SM-7.  Eligible rain tires are Toyo RA-1 and Hoosier H20.

6. Vehicles must conform to all 2018 SCCA and Conference specifications including any and all competition adjustments made by SCCA or Conference this year (2018).                                       

7. Only pump fuel that can be purchased at any gas station (regular, mid-grade, and premium unleaded). E85 fuel is not allowed. No race fuel, no mixing of race fuel, no fuel additives!