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The Miata Tour 2019 (Scroll Down For Our Schedule)

       The Pacific Northwest Spec Miata (SM) Championship Tour is a group of drivers and racing enthusiasts that just like to have fun with our Spec Miatas.  We try to create an atmosphere of friendly competition and inclusion of all people interested.  We started in 2015.  We just completed our fourth year of "The Tour".


      This informal Tour is the brainchild of Will and Ken.  After 2014 they realized there was too much emphasis on winning.  They concluded that getting back to the basics of enjoying close competition with friends on the track and laughing about all the fun things about racing Miatas was how they wanted to spend much of their free time.  The Tour was launched in 2015 and we are all lucky to benefit from it!                                 

      This is an informal tour aimed at getting back to the grassroots of SM racing by keeping the costs down and emphasizing having fun racing.  The goal of this tour is to create the best racing memories of close competition with old and new friends with the final results being secondary to the fun that was had.  We are confident that track tips and car preparation plus setup tips will flow freely.  [...Some advice might even be good....]

     We have simple rules that fit on one page.  We try to set up the "Tour" schedule to spread the racing out and provide a mix of tracks.  We knock down any walls between drivers and sanctioning organizations.  Come out, get back the “I remember why I race and it pegs the fun meter” feeling.

   ​Like every year, we have a banquet where we award "interesting and unique" trophies, leading to a lot of laughing.  You will not want to miss it.

Our Two Founders Fathers Will and Ken Getting Advice


We are Fast, Even in the Rain!


2019 Tour Schedule

Date, Name, # Races, Location

March 30, 31   Or. SCCA Double          PIR

May 11, 12       SF SCCA Double       Thunderhill

May 31 - June 2  Conference Triple      SCR

June 15, 16       Conference Double      PIR

July 12 - 14       Rose Cup Double          PIR

August 9 - 11   Or. SCCA Triple              PIR

August 24, 25  Conference Double  The Ridge    

PIR - Portland International Raceway.  Portland, Oregon.

Thunderhill is in Willows, Ca.

SCR = Spokane Raceway Park.  Spokane, Washington.

Ridge = The Ridge, Shelton, Washington.

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